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Novell Certified Linux Professional
The Novell Certified Linux Professional (Novell CLP) is an entry-level certification for people interested in being Linux administrators. Skills demonstrated by someone holding a Novell CLP certification should include: installing Linux servers into a network environment, managing users and groups, troubleshooting the SUSE LINUX file system, managing and compiling the Linux kernel, and troubleshooting network processes and services--just to name a few. As with all Novell certifications, course work is never required. One need only pass a Novell Practicum (050-689) in order to achieve the certification. The Novell authorized training materials for this certification are designed to introduce students to basic Linux concepts and progress them through the tasks of managing a Linux network environment. The Novell Practicum is a scenario based exam where students apply the knowledge they have learned to solve real-life problems--showing they not only know what to do, but that they can actually do it as well.

All courses in the Novell CLP program are taught on SUSE LINUX. While the course materials cover the theoretical basics common to any distribution of Linux, tasks and skills will specifically focus on working with the SUSE LINUX distribution.

SUSE developed and announced the SUSE Certified Linux Professional (SCLP) program before the Novell acquisition. As part of the acquisition and the subsequent integration of SUSE training into Novell's WW Training Services Group, it was decided that the SCLP program would evolve into the Novell CLP program.

Currently--one can pursue either the Novell CLP or the SCLP certification. Both certifications cover the same topic: SUSE LINUX administration. However, the Novell CLP is tested with a Novell Practicum (505-689) and has a new curriculum preparing one for that exam. The SCLP is tested with three standard exams (LPI 101, LPI 102, and the SCLP exam) and has a curriculum preparing one for those exams. In the future--Novell will no longer offer the SCLP exam and will not certify people as SCLPs. Those interested in pursuing a Linux Professional certification from Novell will only have the Novell CLP option. People achieving the SCLP certification before the SCLP exam is discontinued in January, 2005 will automatically be Novell CLP certified.

The final evolution of SCLP into the Novell CLP program is set for January, 2005. Students pursuing the SCLP certification have until the end of 2004 to pass the SCLP exam. After that--the SCLP exam will not be offered. Only the Novell Practicum (050-689) will be offered for the Novell Certified Linux Professional. However, since both the SCLP and the Novell CLP cover the same topics, those pursuing the SCLP certification are in an excellent position to take the Novell Practicum if that is their only option upon completing their studies. Offering only a practical exam for the Novell CLP, Novell CLE, and future certifications ensures that Novell certified professionals can apply the knowledge they have learned to real-life situations, making them invaluable assets to their clients and employers.

The content in the newest training materials offered by SUSE has been updated to the latest distribution, SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9. The current manuals offered by SUSE are not outdated and can be used for training purposes and to prepare for certification. However, training materials originally produced by SUSE will not be updated to any newer distributions after SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9. Only new course materials produced post acquisition will be updated to newer Linux distributions, allowing Novell to deliver relevant and current courseware in a timely manner.

How does someone become a Novell Certified Linux Professional?

One must only pass the Novell Practicum (050-689: Novell CLP Exam) to become a Novell CLP. Course work is never required for this certification. However, using Novell authorized training materials for study (either through instruction or self-study) is an excellent way to prepare for the Novell Practicum exam.

The Novell CLP is a good place to start in Linux certification. The Novell CLE is the more advanced certification, building on the concepts of Linux administration learned in the Novell CLP training. Hence, an understanding of Linux administration is required for those interested in pursuing the Novell Certified Linux Engineer designation.

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