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Novell Certified Linux Engineer 9
The Novell Certified Linux Engineer 9 certification will help you master advanced SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server administration skills. With this certification, you will be in high demand as more and more employers seek talented Linux engineers.

This certification will require you to have completed your Novell CLP certification before you take the Novell Practicum for your Novell CLE 9 certification. (So if you?re already a Novell CLP, you?re more than halfway done with the Novell CLE 9 track!)

Although you are not required to take any certification courses to become a Novell Certified Linux Engineer 9, you must meet the following requirements:

Prerequisite Knowledge
You must have a solid understanding of networking. We recommend that you review an introductory networking course?such as Foundations of Novell Networking: NetWare 6.5 (Course 3016)?or obtain equivalent experience.

Required Exams "The Novell Practicum for the Novell CLE 9 certification will be available in September 2005."

You must complete the entire Novell Certified Linux Professional 9 certification path?including Novell Practicum 050-689?before you can take the Novell Certified Linux Engineer 9 practicum exam (050-693). (Note: The Novell Practicum for the Novell CLE 9 certification will be available in September 2005.)

Elective Courses
Coursework is never required for this certification. However, using the following Novell training materials for study (available in instructor-led and self-study formats) is an excellent way to prepare for the two Novell Practicum exams required to complete certification.

SUSE LINUX Fundamentals (Course 3036) or
Getting Started with Linux: Novell?s Guide to CompTIA's Linux+ (Course 3060)
Either of these courses provides the introductory Linux information assessed by the Novell Practicum. SUSE LINUX Fundamentals (Course 3036) introduces open source standards as well as the common knowledge and skills you will need to manage any Linux distribution. You will learn how to log in to a multi-user Linux environment, navigate the SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server file system and manipulate files, work within shells and execute shell script commands, control processes running on SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server and more. The other course, Getting Started with Linux: Novell?s Guide to CompTIA's Linux+ (Course 3060), also provides this information, but it includes additional detail on hardware support and other high-level introductory topics. This course specifically meets the objectives outlined by CompTIA for its own Linux+ exam and certification, a respected, international industry credential.

SUSE LINUX Administration (Course 3037)
This course provides detailed instruction on the entry-level administrative skills needed to manage SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9. You will learn to install and configure SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9, establish and manage users and groups, grant and manage permissions to users and groups, manage software applications with YaST, manage and troubleshoot the file system, manage printing, configure the network with YaST and manage network services.

Advanced SUSE LINUX Administration (Course 3038)
During this course, you will learn to perform the following advanced administration tasks on SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9:

Install SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9
Configure the network manually
Configure network services
Secure a SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9 server
Manage backup and recovery
Develop shell scripts
Compile software from source
Perform health checks and performance tuning
Manage hardware and component changes
SUSE LINUX Network Services: SLES 9 (Course 3057) - Just Released!
This intensive training course will teach you how to configure advanced network services on SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9 and will explore server-optimization as well. Specifically, you will learn how to perform the following tasks:

Configure a DNS server using BIND
Use DHCP for managing networks
Use Samba as a Primary Domain Controller
Set up a network print server using CUPS
Use SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server as a mail server
Use Squid as an http/https proxy
Monitor network traffic
Optimize network servers

SUSE LINUX Security: SLES 9 (Course 3058) - Just Released!
This exciting course teaches you how to perform detailed troubleshooting tasks for complex security problems. In addition to gaining the knowledge and skills you?ll need to design a secure SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server networking environment, you?ll also learn about host and network security, firewalls, packet filtering, application-level gateways, virtual private networks, intrusion detection and how to handle unforeseen security issues.
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