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Practicum exams, psychometrically proven.
In a pioneering effort that reinforces Novell's commitment to it's certification programs, Novell Global Training Services is once again leading the testing and certification industry by bridging traditional psychometric models to Novell's performance based practicum exams.

Bridging the gap.
Psychometric test analysis models have been around for decades to assist test designers and developers in creating valid, reliable and fair assessments that can measure examinee knowledge, skills and abilities. In an effort to determine if "performance based" practicum exam results are as measurable and dependable as legacy assessments, Novell hired an independent research and analysis organization, Alpine Testing Solutions,Inc. Alpine Testing Solutions used industry accepted and proven psychometric models including classical test theory, Rasch and multi-parameter Item Response Theory to evaluate scores from the new practicum exams. By reviewing statistical outcomes, pychometricians can determine if an exam is effectively measuring the difference in knowledge, skill and performance capabilities between candidates, known as score validity. If an exam is effectively passing those that should be passing and failing those that should be failing, then the exam is valid in measuring and interpreting the score differences between individual?s capabilities. The resulting item difficulty and item to total score correlations and multiple reliability indexes confirmed Novell's leadership in performance based assessment and the practicum exams are psychometrically sound as measured by professional standards of validity and reliability .

"Novell was an early pioneer in IT certification testing, and is again demonstrating their pioneering spirit by holding their practicum test to the highest level of psychometric rigor," said Brian Adams, President and CEO of Alpine Testing Solutions. "As IT certification programs look to performance testing solutions, it is important that they follow Novell?s example."

Novell is pleased to be one of the first in the industry to validate their performance based exams with the proven science of psychometrics.

Pyschometrics meet Practical testing.
Unlike traditional assessments, Novell's SUSE certifications use performance based exams to ensure that candidates who pass are not only knowledgeable in the subject matter, but also competent with the technologies Novell certifies them in. Novell practicum exams may require candidates to install, configure, administer and troubleshoot real world computing and network environments. Novell practicum exams measures a candidate's ability to complete each task correctly according to qualified performance task rubrics. A candidate will not be able to just memorize a manual to obtain these prestigious certifications. Companies recruiting Linux professionals can be assured that anyone who holds the practicum certificate is able to perform needed tasks on the job.

Novell values it's certification program. To help increase confidence of making sure we are certifying only those who have the skills necessary, we have turned our attention to practicum testing. Practicum testing is testing individuals using real live computing and network environments. Candidates are given tasks to install, configure, administer, and even troubleshoot live systems. The practicum exam measures a candidate's ability on completing those tasks correctly according to qualified solution paths. A candidate will not be able to just memorize content out of a manual and pass this exam. Due to the change is this testing direction, we have been working with Alpine Testing Solutions and their Psychometrician to analyze the practicum exam and item statistics. Through reviewing these test and item analysis statistics, we find out if the exam is performing effectively by measuring the score difficulty and discrimination between high and low scoring candidates. This is known as score validity reliability. If an exam is effectively passing those that should be passing and failing those that should be failing, then the exam is valid in measuring the difference in examinee scores and score interpretations.

After reviewing the statistics for the practicum exam for the Certified Linux Professional (CLP) certification, we are pleased to announce that the validity and reliability of the scores from the practicum certifications haves been deemed "very acceptable" by the psychometrician at Alpine Testing Solutions, a leading research and analysis organization for traditional and performance tests.

Novell SUSE Linux certifications have gone above and beyond the legacy testing methods of multiple choice, free-form and drag-N-drop simulations.
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Practicum exams, psychometrically proven.