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Practicum NX thin-client
Novell Global Training Services is pleased to open the next chapter in our performance based testing solution. Using open source technologies such as NoMachines NX Client and Berlios FreeNX Server, we are offering our customers a new way of taking Practicum exams over latent internet connections. This new delivery method elliminates any testing center software requirements and greatly reduces the needed internet bandwidth to take a practicum exam.

While our web-based browser exam delivery is still available where preferred, internet bandwidth challenged areas in Asia, Africa and the Middle-East will greatly benefit from using the new Practicum NX thin client. Novell is committed to making the Practicum exam the best possible experience for any student, regardless of their location or internet performance.

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   posted  on Monday, June 11, 2007 - 12:00 AM    17538 Reads


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